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Ceramics Contract Manufacturing Services

Ceramics is a broad term for hard, high temperature and corrosion resistant materials that are made from non-metallic, inorganic materials by shaping and sintering at high temperatures.  Alumina (AL2O3) and zirconia (ZrO2) are two popular ceramics materials used today.  “Legacy” ceramics manufacturing approaches demand specialized machinery and many steps to shape parts into their final form.  Marvel Medtech Advanced Manufacturing offers 3D printing (3DP) / additive manufacturing (AM) of advanced technical ceramics as a ceramics contract manufacturing service, using the revolutionary patented NanoParticle Jetting (NPJ™) system from XJet Ltd.  Our ceramics contract manufacturing services have been available for R&D, rapid prototyping and production of advanced technical ceramics for several years now.

Advanced Ceramics AM with high precision and small feature sizes

Why Ceramics 3D Printing is in Demand

XJet’s NPJ™ system enables the production of technical ceramic parts of high precision and stability. This technology can be used to create parts with complex part geometries and small features.  Ceramics 3D printed parts possess the same—or better—properties as traditional ceramic parts.  The following properties of 3D printed ceramic parts have contributed to their growing popularity across industries.

  • Great Design Freedom: XJet NPJ™ technology has enabled a whole new paradigm of design freedom and flexibility.  There is virtually no limitation on part geometries and intricate features that one can include in ceramic part designs for contract AM.  Our ceramics contract manufacturing services have been utilized to produce functional prototypes of various geometries in short-turnaround times.
  • Suited Replacement for Metal Parts: Ceramic materials like alumina and zirconia assure excellent electrical and thermal insulation, high mechanical wear resistance, and excellent high temperature resistance. This makes 3D printed ceramic parts a suited replacement for metal parts in many applications.

Our Ceramics Contract Manufacturing Capabilities

Marvel Medtech Advanced Manufacturing has developed unique expertise in the application of the XJet NPJ™ technology.  We have been able to push the limits of the NPJ™ capabilities to meet our customer’s unique AM ceramics needs and enable new technical ceramics applications.  Our XJet NPJ™ ceramic AM system can be used to print parts with the following part dimensions and tolerances.

  • Part Size (Print Tray LxWxH): 50 cm x 14 cm x 10 cm
  • Minimum wall thickness: .1mm (100 microns)
  • Minimum Radius: .15 mm (150 microns)
  • Dimensional Tolerances:
    • Dimensions <5cm: .02-.05mm (20-50 microns)
    • Dimensions >5cm: .1mm (100 microns)

Reasons to Choose Ceramics Contract Manufacturing Over In-House Manufacturing

There are several benefits of outsourcing your 3D ceramics contract manufacturing requirements to Marvel Medtech Advanced Manufacturing.

  • We have invested in NPJ™ technology from XJet Ltd, which is one of the most advanced, most capable ceramic AM systems in the market.  By offering ceramics contract manufacturing services, Marvel Medtech Advanced Manufacturing makes this advanced system available to anyone that cannot justify the capital and resources expense to acquire their own XJet NPJ™ system.
  • You can take advantage of our knowledge, skills, and supplier chain, and focus on your core business areas.
  • Our procedures and proven processes assure robust quality control.

Why Choose Marvel Medtech Advanced Manufacturing as Your Ceramics Contract Manufacturing Partner

With growing interest in ceramics additive manufacturing, you can find a few ceramics contract manufacturing services across the US.  However, not all are the same.  We believe the following factors have worked in our favor.

  • As mentioned earlier, Marvel Medtech Advanced Manufacturing has developed unique expertise in the application of the XJet NPJ™ technology. We have been able to push the limits of the NPJ™ capabilities to meet our customer’s unique AM ceramics needs and enable new technical ceramics applications for our customers in medtech, aerospace/defense, energy, electrical/electronics, automotive/transportation and other industries.
  • XJet NPJ™ technology assures a high level of accuracy, precision, and flexibility, enabling additive manufacturing of parts with complex geometries and intricate internal details that are not achievable with any other ceramics manufacturing approach.
  • High precision ceramic parts in +/-20um with complex internal features and virtually unlimited design geometries can be produced.
  • The parts possess 99.9% density, equal or better mechanical properties, and isotropic uniformity.
  • Fine grain size of ceramic parts helps create smooth surfaces and sharp edges.
  • XJet NPJ™ technology helps make efficient use of raw materials with minimal waste.

What We Expect from You

Our experienced additive manufacturing engineers can provide Design for AM (DFAM) guidance as you develop your part / application design.  You can securely upload your solid model design and our engineers will evaluate the design for optimum additive manufacturing compatibility.  We will provide a quote as per your request and specifications, and offer alternative suggestions where appropriate to maximize AM efficiency and minimize costs.

Note:We require “solid model” format files of your part design.  We use Solidworks™ for our solid model engineering, so SLDPRT format files are preferred but other solid model formats (e.g. STP, STEP) are acceptable.

We use XJet NPJ™, the most advanced additive manufacturing technology to transform your part designs into fully functional products. We assure transparency throughout the process.  Feel free to contact our team today for any questions on our ceramics contract manufacturing services capabilities. You can call us at 1-877-345-6261 or 1-608-688-0868. You can Request a Quote for Your Project to receive a secure file upload link.