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XJet Additive Manufacturing

Marvel Medtech leading the way with XJet technology

Marvel Medtech Advanced Manufacturing is one of the first companies in the United States to adopt XJet’s groundbreaking NPJ™ additive manufacturing / 3D printing system for high-precision ceramics additive manufacturing. We are one of very few companies in the U.S. providing service bureau / subcontract manufacturing access to the XJet Carmel 1400C System. By working with us, you can leverage XJet technology to achieve high-precision additive manufacturing of advanced technical ceramics that is impossible to achieve with other ceramic additive manufacturing approaches.

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XJet takes inkjet printing to next level

Founded in 2005, XJet has developed and introduced the revolutionary NanoParticle Jetting™ (NPJ™) additive manufacturing technology for advanced technical ceramics and metals. With over a decade of research behind it, NPJ™ technology enables the production of advanced technical ceramic parts with the same ease and versatility of inkjet printing without compromising throughput or quality. XJet’s ceramic additive manufacturing capabilities assure a new level of design freedom, which is well suited for demanding technical ceramic applications across a wide spectrum of industries including medical, energy, aerospace/defense, electrical/electronic, and automotive/transportation to name a few.


NPJ is the superior approach

NPJ™ enables the production of ceramic additive manufactured parts featuring unprecedented levels of detail, finish, accuracy, and precision, while delivering physical, design and operational advantages. With XJet NPJ™, virtually any design with intricate internal details and ultra-fine features that are not attainable with molding, machining or other legacy manufacturing approaches may be realized. This makes XJet NPJ™ a superior approach for many advanced technical ceramics applications.


Key Benefits of XJet NPJ™ Additive Manufacturing

Leveraging NPJ’s key features of stochastic nanoparticles, ultrathin layers and simultaneous jetting of ceramic and support materials, XJet delivers on the AM promise by creating “complexity free” high-quality parts with virtually unlimited geometries in an operationally efficient manner.

  • NPJ’s stochastic nanoparticles enable unsurpassed part quality:
    • 99.9% density
    • Isotropic uniformity
    • Extremely low shrinkage
  • NPJ’s ultrathin layers (composed of nanoparticles) empower virtually unlimited design flexibility:
    • Complex geometries
    • Fine details
    • Nearest net shapes
    • Smooth surfaces
  • NPJ’s simultaneous jetting of build and support materials in liquid suspensions delivers unrivaled operational efficiency:
    • Efficient use of materials with virtually no waste
    • Automated support planning
    • Easy support removal
    • Simple and safe operation

Would you like to know more about Marvel Medtech Advanced Manufacturing’s Xjet NPJ™ advanced technical ceramics additive manufacturing services? Please contact us or visit our Request a Quote for Your Project page to receive an exclusive, secure link for uploading your part design and production requirements for a free quotation and consultation. Our experts will work closely with you to understand your requirements and help you to exploit and harness the capabilities of XJet NPJ™ ceramics additive manufacturing to the fullest.