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3D Printing Media Network: Marvel Medtech installs XJet Carmel 1400 for breast cancer prevention system

Israeli additive manufacturing XJet Ltd. has announced the sale of an XJet Carmel 1400 3D printer to Marvel Medtech, a North American startup specializing in preventative breast cancer treatments. The NanoParticle Jetting3D printer will be used by the startup to print a ceramic cryotherapy probe for Marvel Medtech’s innovative robotic intervention guidance system.

The system developed by Marvel Medtech is designed to freeze and destroy small but dangerous breast cancer tumours to prevent them from growing and spreading. The intervention guidance system is to be used during MRI scans in clinics across the U.S., marking a step ahead in breast cancer prevention.

The system, effectively an MRI accessory, offers a solution for early elimination of tumors and reduces the need to invasive biopsies and surgical procedures down the line. The breakthrough technology has the potential to save lives, drastically enhance patient care and reduce medical costs. The robotic intervention guidance system could also help to “kick-start” patients’ anti-cancer immune response, curbing the chance of any recurring tumors.

Ray Harter, President of Marvel Medtech, said of the system: “Our new approach preempts the need for many biopsies, surgeries, radiation and chemotherapy treatments. Obviously, the expectation is that it’s likely to save many lives, but it will also dramatically improve the quality of life for patients. In addition, we also know that by eradicating those procedures, it will also reduce overall healthcare costs. And these are not insignificant savings – annually, these could be in the many billions of dollars.”

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