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Forbes: Marvel Medtech And XJet Have Teamed Up To Disrupt Breast Cancer Detection And Treatment.

Forbes: Marvel Medtech And XJet Have Teamed Up To Disrupt Breast Cancer Detection And Treatment

What do you get when you marry transformative medical innovation with breakthrough additive manufacturing technology? In the case of the Marvel Medtech LLC and XJet Ltd. partnership, you may just get a set of new therapies for breast cancer that will save lives, eliminate suffering, and greatly reduce treatment costs.

Marvel Medtech, based in Cross Plains, Wisconsin, is a private biotechnology company that has developed a revolutionary new approach to breast cancer detection and treatment. They plan to employ magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) for the cancer detection piece, and cryoablation (killing the tumor with extreme cold) and cryoimmunotherapy (stimulating the patient’s own immune system to provide an anti-tumor response) for the cancer treatment portion. “It’s a transformative application for MRI in place of biopsy,” said Marvel Medtech President Ray Harter. “The problem now is current practices aren’t effective enough at finding the most dangerous, deadly cancers. MRI scanning would. Then we would cryoablate immediately, using a new tool at the end of a robotic arm.”


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About Marvel Medtech

A transformative approach to
breast cancer healthcare

Marvel Medtech's core mission is to develop and deliver, direct to consumers, a new, preventive approach to breast cancer healthcare. Our strategy relies on dedicated breast MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) screening with cryoablation (freezing) of findings that are highly suspicious of being (or becoming) breast cancer. Combining these capabilities offers profound benefits for breast cancer patients that may truly transform breast cancer healthcare.